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Moon, a modern Slavic cuisine restaurant, strives to be as normal and down-to-earth as possible, which sometimes is a bigger challenge than making gourmet food. The reason for this is that simple products demand much more attention in order to shine. However, the three owners are most certainly succeeding in creating simple food that shines.

Moon: Modern Slavic Food with Great Passion

Manager Jana Zaštšerinski on the name Moon: "When choosing the name, we wrote down the main anchors: short, Estonian, easy to pronounce and appetizing. There were other options like ‘muru,’ ‘moro’ etc., but one day Roman thought of ‘MOON!’ It is like a beautiful child’s name, you just know right away that that is the one: MOON! The word MOON started to 'play' in our heads: the interior, the food and other details."

"The founders of Moon have an amazing ability to do the right things at the right time. And to look forward, not back. Local, simple, tasty, affordable – that is Moon's secret to victory. Everyone who wishes to push Moon 'off the throne' needs to be better in all four categories. Simple? Think again!" - Estonian Flavours.

Moon is constantly featured in the Estonian TOP 50 restaurants list, as well as mentioned in the Michelin Guide.


Simple, honest, sincere, respectful, local, sustainable and Nordic – these are the food mantras that they wish to convey to you in the hidden corner of the Kalamaja suburb. Roman Zashtsherinski and Igor Andrejev occupy the kitchen while Jana Zashtsherinski warmly welcomes guests, creates a homelike atmosphere and is in charge of the wine list. Roman and Igor work hard to allow you to enjoy pure, fresh, and better everyday food.

They hope that eating at Moon will feel like coming to their home. Each chef dreams of having their own restaurant, and Moon is the teams’ dream come true.

At Moon, they have everything the way they like it – the food, the interior, the atmosphere, and they hope you will like it too. Welcome to MOON!


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