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Give an incredible culinary experience as a gift! Our gift cards can be redeemed for unique events.


Surprise the one you love or a good friend with a good dining experience at a restaurant or café at one’s own option. The DinnerBooking gift card is a unique gift that gives the receiver the opportunity to use the gift card as payment at different restaurants in all price ranges throughout Estonia. The gift card can be used multiple times, as long as there is money left on the gift card. Please see below where the gift card can be used specifically.

  • See here, which restaurants accept DinnerBooking gift card
  • You can also use the gift card to buy tickets to special events
  • Check your balance here
  • The gift card is sent to you by email at the same day you buy it
  • The gift card is valid for 2 years.
Check your balance

Check your balance and see what you can use your giftcard for.

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It can be used to buy tickets for our restaurants events.

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