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Our aim is to showcase the philosophy that encompasses everything we think about modern Hungarian gastronomy, from sourcing ingredients to wine selection and serving; to make you feel like you're staying with a good friend.

Our customers can choose from two different degustation menus with the same number of courses, one of which is completely vegan – it contains no animal-derived ingredients.

The Complete Gastronomic Experience

Restaurant Laurel is an experience-based fine dining restaurant with a mixture of luxurious menus including seasonal, chef and vegan options which the Chefs will plate with meticulous care.

Unique Laurel

Laurel Restaurant have a unique wine cellar, with 104 vaults to keep your wine under perfect conditions. Downstairs in the restaurant, you can try the exclusive experience of seeing the Chef’s art come to life with their open kitchen window.

At Laurel, no matter what adventure you choose, you are guaranteed to leave with complete satisfaction


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