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A restaurant rooted in nature sits in the middle of the evolving city of Budapest. SALT has a unique concept of having the Chef’s table stand in the middle of the restaurant, making it easily accessible for guests to speak with the Chef. The restaurant is open Wednesday-Saturday from 18:00-23:00.

The SALT of Life

At SALT, they go back to traditional Hungarian cuisine using the best local ingredients available to create a unique and exclusive dining experience. SALT does not wish to overcomplicate the menu, which is why they rely on simplicity.

The team is always working on development as they keep the Hungarian gastronomy traditions safe as well as ensure to respect living nature. The Head Chef will let you glance in on the finishing touches and will even serve them personally with no unnecessary details. Only what is important. The salt of life.

The vision

The visionary men behind the concept of SALT have already worked together as a team before, but this time they are to fulfil their goal. Chef Szilárd Tóth and General Manager & Head Sommelier Máté Boldizsár have created a cozy and comforting restaurant where guests can experience a unique and meticulous dinner.

SALT will give you a gastronomical play where everything is about taste and combinations. SALT is meant to be elegant but not strict.

Tasting Menu

The restaurant runs with a tasting menu created by the Head Chef who strives to bring back authentic and forgotten recipes from the Hungarian gastronomy. Szilárd Tóth and his team collect many ingredients in the local forests, fields and riversides. Everything has been freshly picked, fermented, and because of that, the tasting menu is affected by seasonality.

The restaurant pairs homemade fresh juices and offers a wide selection of wines from the best vineyards in Europe.

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