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Events at Rakas Restaurant

Currently there are no events at this restaurant. See all the other events and get notified of new ones.

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Savurafla Kotisaari - Rovaniemi
Savurafla Kotisaari
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Savurafla Dinner 2024

The restaurant is open 14.6.–31.8.2024 The seating time on Thursdays is 16:30 and on...

Farang - Helsinki
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Sky Kitchen & View is a luminous restaurant at the side of beautiful fjelds of Southern Lapland. The restaurant resides in Rovaniemi, and it is a part of Lapland Hotels Sky Ounasvaara. Alongside...

PURE NORTHERN NATURE IS OUR MAIN INGREDIENT   Our food philosophy is to use ingredients from the purest nature and prepare them in Arctic ways. High quality reindeer, moose, salmon, arctic...

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