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KOLM SIBULAT (Three onions) – who are we actually? The idea to establish a second restaurant came from our two head chefs. They are true artists at their heart. Our first restaurant Moon has a very distinctive style of cooking and this sets too strict limits to the two creative souls in the kitchen. Many of the fascinating in style raw ingredients and new ideas are not suitable for the use in Russian cooking. This restricts their culinary horizons. Even a very patient and detailed artist gets bored while painting the sea every single day…So the guys came up with the Three Onions concept.

We consider Three Onions as the baby brother of Moon. As it always happens with children, it is much easier to raise a second child. We did have a four year experience as restaurateurs behind us. Those of you who know us more, are not surprised that we like to challenge ourselves to make life much more interesting. It is an unusual name, a very off the beaten track location, but inside it feels like your usual homely place. Just like Moon actually is and has been.


The cooking style of Three Onions falls somewhere between fast food and slow food. Both Igor and Roman have a serious background in fine dining. For them this is a new fascinating field of cooking. Here the chefs are totally free to experiment and interprete ethnical traditions in their own way. The menu incorporates Middle-Eastern couscous and Mediterranean hummus. You can sample Georgian bread accompanied by kimchi, which is a staple of Korean cooking. It is really hard to determine our style, we sometimes laugh at ourselves and call it fusion-confusion.

KOLM SIBULAT means in Estonain three onions and ironically refers to us – three owners, all with Russian roots. Yes, we do know that Estonians have unofficially called Russians onions for a long time. We are open to all ideas and invite you to be pleasantly surprised by our unique menu.

Yours truly,

Roman, Igor and Jana


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