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Cafe at “the edge of the world“

Dirhami Kalakohvik (Dirham Fish Cafe) is located in Läänemaa, Noarootsi, at the Dirhami harbor. This seaside cafe has had different names since its opening, e.g. Dirhami Summer Cafe, Beach Cafe, Harbour Cafe and also the Edge of the World Cafe. The last one because of the cafe’s exquisite location, where the sea-view gives you a feeling of being at the edge of the world.

It takes about a 1,5-hour car drive from Tallinn to Dirham, but only the view itself makes it worthwhile. Plus, you can have a dining experience to remember. There is also a harbor, a guest house and a fish production located in Dirhami.

Freshest produce from the sea

Dirhami Kalakohvik's menu consists primarily (roughly around 2/3rd of the menu) of fresh seafood products. The menu is in constant change as it highly depends on what the sea has to offer. Several dishes are yet the same from week to week, in order to provide known favorites to loyal local customers. 

Restaurant values also other local products, mainly focusing on nearby farms and generous forests of Lääne county. There is also a special place on the menu for several non-fish dishes with and without meat, and of course, a variety of desserts for every sweet-tooth.

Historical Dirhami harbor

Dirhami harbor in Noarootsi was historically a travelers and trade harbor, but also a post office and a hydrology station. Noarootsi was founded in the second half of the 13th century. In 1581, the area became a part of Sweden. In the 20th century, there was a rapid development of passenger shipping. Later in the Soviet times, there was a borderland for the area, so therefore the littoral zone is unpopulated and nature has preserved.



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