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In the heart of Copenhagen, more precisely in Dronnings Tværgade, you will find the Italian restaurant Basso. The restaurant first opened its doors in the fall of 2017 in Aarhus, and since then, Basso's good reputation has also reached the capital city. Here, they welcome you to a plethora of Italian delicacies and social dining.

Italian traditions and Nordic ingredients

At Basso, they draw inspiration from traditional Italian cuisine. Classic Italian dishes are served here, made with plenty of inspiration from the Boot-shaped country. At Basso, the Italian culinary culture meets fresh Nordic ingredients, and these components blend into a flavorful symphony, consisting of the best from both Italy and the Nordic region.

Exciting, seasonal menus

At Basso, the menus are seasonal. This means that the menu changes regularly according to the seasons, but it will always be strongly influenced by Italian cuisine, albeit with a Nordic twist. Additionally, there is an à la carte menu with a wide selection of snacks, cold dishes, hot dishes, side dishes, and desserts.

On the menu, you will also find various Tasting Menus, consisting of 10 or 13 servings, which will change according to the current season. And even though you are served a substantial amount of food, the price is quite affordable. The menus cost 348 DKK and 458 DKK per person, respectively.

Casual Social Dining

Basso emphasizes social dining. As they themselves say, "the perfect dining experience is given by being together," so you can look forward to menus that can be shared with everyone at the table. Eating at Basso should be a cozy and social experience.

Experienced owners

Behind Basso is the company DiningSix, which also operates Restaurant KöD, Restaurant Klokken, Cinco, Keyser Social, and the Danish burger chain Burger Shack. In short, it is quite a successful team that welcomes you.


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