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Exquisite food, pleasant music, and top-notch service! This is how Panu can be summed up. At Panu, the staff is always ready to welcome you - whether you are fine dining or just having some small dishes in the bar.

Harmonic dining experience

Panu is a wine bar and bistro. The restaurant opened its doors in January 2023. You will find it in the old premises of Lofthus Samvirkerlag on St. Olavs Plass - in other words, right in the centre of Oslo.

It is the former owner of Tranen, Maciek Sulek, who runs the restaurant, which has both good food and tunes on the menu. Panu is the perfect place for those who want a down-to-earth gourmet experience, accompanied by music adapted to the venue and contributing to a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.

Relaxed gourmet

In the kitchen, Anders Erlandsen is in charge. He has previously worked as a chef at the Danish Michelin restaurants, Geranium and Alchemist  - which says everything about the level of food served here. Food-loving Oslo citizens who visit Panu can look forward to both a tasty and creatively curated dining experience.

Panu serves both set menus and à la carte dishes. The food is inspired by Japanese and Thai cuisine - a pan-Asian menu if you like.

The food is just as pleasant for the taste buds as it is for the eye. Panu can also entice you with a large and exciting selection of high-quality wines and cocktails and delicious desserts.

The place for an all-nighter

The venue is stylish and relaxed. The wooden interior and built-in speakers create a cosy, intimate atmosphere.

The table arrangement brings to mind a charming French bistro, while the exclusive wood and the high-end speakers give a Nordic touch.

On some evenings, the restaurant is transformed into a small club with its own DJ, where food and music merge into a higher unity.


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