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Smalhans, a natural hub in the neighbourhood of St.Hanshaugen, has a focus on sharing meals, natural wines, and a large selection of beer since opening in 2012. Smalhans is the perfect meeting place for most occasions. Smalhans means "scarce way of life” and was the inspiration behind the creation of Smalhans.

In 2016, they received the "Bib Gourmand" title by the taste-accustomed panel in the Michelin Guide.


Delicious food at a reasonable price

The 'Bib Gourmand' title is given to the few selected restaurants that offer great food at reasonable prices. It is an award that suits Smalhans well. The food-loving chefs behind the price- and quality-conscious restaurant cultivate frugality: Seeing the value is simplicity.

They use raw materials that others would throw away and find quality products that are reasonably priced. The result is that you can eat wonderfully tasty and well thought out food for a reasonable amount of money.


Worth a visit at any time of the day

Today the kitchen is run by Petter Rolund Antonsen and the restaurant by Geir Kristian Næss. We offer three different concepts during the day.

From 11:00 to 16:00, we serve lunch, and the kitchen offers everything from well-proportioned burgers to today's dish and soup.

After 16:00 and until 18:00, the menu is transformed. The chefs now have dinner on their minds! Everyday Smalhans offers "today's home cooking" - dishes from all over the world that can be eaten alone, with a friend or with the whole family.


A special experience in the evening

From 18:00 and onwards, you can enjoy the ultimate restaurant experience. The restaurant is buzzing, and the staff is at full speed. The concept is to share dishes, and the staff is excellent at helping or suggesting interesting food combinations.

You can give full control to the skilled chefs and waiters and let yourself be surprised, or you can control the levers yourself and choose freely from the menu.


The staff welcomes everyone to Smalhans and into their world of food and drinks.


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