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Umami is the latest addition to Harstad's gourmet list and was named Northern Norway's best restaurant in 2017 by The White Guide Nordic. Here you have the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful meal in pleasant surroundings. At Umami, delicious and delicious food is served, with that little extra we all crave.


The meaning behind Umami

Umami, also known as the fifth sense of taste, was discovered over a hundred years ago and is the ‘little brother’ of the flavours sweet, salty, sour, and bitter.

The word means tasty and delicious in Japanese, and that is what the food is supposed to be. It should taste fantastic and be a delight to the eye, and it is.


Chefs imported from the country's best restaurants

Umami was founded in 2011 and is run by chefs Sigrid Rafaelsen and Kim-Håvard Larsen. Both chefs have worked at some of the country's best restaurants and took a trade certificate in Oslo. Since opening, Umami has grown to six employees.

Every day, the staff strives to provide an unforgettable Umami experience for its guests. Their slogan is ‘food where you are,’ and it reflects their desire to be playful and flexible.


'The new taste' in Harstad

Umami opened in new premises on Hans Egedes gate 12 in February 2019. The restaurant was a breath of fresh air to the restaurant life in the city. Many have described Umami as ‘the new taste’ in the restaurant industry in Harstad. As their name, Umami suggests, ‘the new taste’ in town is tasty and delicious.

The chefs refuse to compromise when it comes to the quality of their ingredients, and, therefore, the food you will be served will always be top-quality.


Unique flavours combined with an artistic expression

Umami’s main priority is to bring forth unique qualities and flavours and mix it in the best way without adding too much else into that mix. Because they combine the tasty flavours with the chefs’ artistic expressions and design, the dishes are an absolute delight to the eye as well as a new experience for your palate. Umami has now managed to introduce a new taste to Harstad’s unique gourmet landscape.

Monthly food courses and food games are also arranged, and the dining room is available for small and large occasions.


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