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"Liberating hip on Løkka" - Taste, Dagsavisen

"The quality of pizza in the city is in general sky high. But this one still impresses. An extremely well-composed pizza with a precise, crispy crust" - Dagsavisen


A little historical gem on Grünerløkka

Apostrophe is located in a pleasant and untouched oasis of quiet streets on Rathke's square, a stone's throw away from the old mayonnaise factory that was located right by Sofienbergparken from 1885 to 2013.

The slightly secluded place makes it a little gem on the otherwise populated Grünerløkka. The venue also has a lot of history, as there previously was a cooperative sale in the 20th century.


Apostrophe comes with its own little twist

Apostrophe is a department of the pizza chain Lofthus Samvirkelag, which now has taken over large parts of Oslo city with restaurants on St. Olavs Plass, Nordstrand, Sandaker and Damplassen, and has taken up residence in Tranen and Kunsternes hus.

Apostrophe, however, comes with its own twist when serving cocktails and omakase. Omakase comes from Japan and means "trust the chef." It is easy to think that pizza and omakase do not go hand in hand, but at Apostrophe, nothing seems more natural!

Apostrophe is a popular pizza restaurant. However, from Wednesday to Sunday, it also serves a seven-course omakase menu. Here you are taken on a surprise journey where the chef leads. Many exciting gourmet dishes are served here. The combination of pizza and gourmet makes it a unique and innovative eatery, which is both popular and hip.


Lovely interior and outdoor seating

The restaurant offers a tasty combination of friendly informal service and pleasant local food. The interior is also in a separate class where you are first greeted by a magnificent front door from Swedish Bovalls, and the furniture is of Norwegian craftsmanship. Weather permitting, Apostrophe also has a lovely outdoor terrace with the best spot in the district, with sun all day long!


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