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"New Delhi is beautiful. Not all relocations have been as successful, but New Delhi has refurbished the menu in one go." - Restaurantguiden, Aftenposten.

Almost everything is new, but you will still recognize it. It is called the taste of New Delhi.


Lovely premises on Tjuvholmen

After several years on Øvre Slottsgate, the popular restaurant New Delhi needed to develop - and it was quite a success! In 2018, they reopened in new, bright, and modern premises on Tjuvholmen. Authentic Indian food is served here, often inspired by the northern Indian state of Punjab, which is where the Singh family (the people behind the restaurant) comes from.

The new restaurant has been praised by several food critics for the further development of their concept and the new menu, while also maintaining the charm, values, and service from Øvre Slottsgate.


The Singh Dynasty

Gurdial Singh set a new standard for Indian food when the restaurant opened for the first time, and his vision is the premise for everything that will be done in the future as well. The restaurant captivated food critics from the get-go and has since been named Oslo's best Indian restaurant for several years in a row.


You choose how strong the food should be

Here you will find dishes with a lot of flavours, spices, and fresh vegetables! The menu offers something for everyone - when you order a traditional Indian dish, you get to choose between five degrees of strength, depending on how strong you like your food.

You will also find a wide selection of new and delicious dishes inspired by Western cuisine. The menu has also been modernized with small dishes and street food. On the menu, you will also find recommended dishes from the chefs.

Try, for example, Masala Beef with Okra fires, which is a tenderloin of cheese marinated in yogurt and spices, full of Indian flavours. Perhaps Oslo's best naan bread is also served here, something you will not want to miss trying!


A restaurant-visit to New Delhi works well for both lunch and dinner.


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