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“Or you can visit Hrimnir, Oslo's best ramen restaurant” Torgrim Eggen, DN

"Both the craftsmanship and the tastes at the ramen bar Hrìmnir are in a class of their own." André Blomdberg-Nygård,

Hrimnir restaurant is by the roundabout at the bottom of Maridalsveien. Here they serve ramen noodles and have since the beginning of 2019.


Specializing in ramen

Hrimnir’s specialty is Ramen, which is a bowl of kraft soup flavoured with umami sauces, various toppings and wheat noodles.

They focus on top-quality ingredients and have a varied selection of Ramen that changes throughout the seasons. It varies between fjords and mountains – along with good cooperation with their suppliers and farmers.


Snacks for starters

They might be a ramen place, first and foremost, but they also serve a great selection of smaller dishes so that you can enjoy an extended dining experience. The kitchen experiments with extensive use of fermentation and grilling – stop by and try some creative starters before digging into the ramen bowl.


Precision and taste

The kitchen has roots in Japanese traditions, where precision and taste are the most important. Their techniques are frugal and a great example of craftsmanship. The unique flavours are layered with a variety of homemade sauces, ferments, spices, and oils, ensuring you get the most tasteful experience.

The kitchen combines Japanese traditions with a Nordic approach with its local and sustainable raw materials.


A relaxed neighbourhood restaurant

Hrímnir strives to be a relaxed neighbourhood restaurant where you can come in for a quick bowl of ramen on the way home from work or before you go out in Oslo, as well as a place where you can dine with your loved ones in a cozy atmosphere.

Hrímnir is a place where you can come as you are and have fun, knowing you will be well taken care of. Welcome to Hrimnir Ramen!


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