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“Just enjoyed one of my favourite dining-out experiences of all time! Amazing food paired with natural wines. Each dish carefully constructed with real attention paid to flavour and texture combination and dedication to local provenance. Amazing team, so friendly and relaxed. A real bond of trust between restaurant and diner. Love it.” – Guest Mhairi Payne


About Restaurant SÖL

Restaurant SÖL on Hetlandsgata 6, Stavanger is a veggie-focused restaurant where one can enjoy food and drinks in a relaxed atmosphere. They strive to deliver a meal inspired by nordic flavours with a focus on sustainability. In the evening, We serve a 6 course menu that varies with the seasons. Their drinks menu consists mostly of natural wines from smaller producers as well as homemade juices.

Three young chefs behind SÖL

Behind SÖL are three young and promising chefs. Nayana Engh (26), Claes Helbak (26) and Magnus Haugland Paaske (23). They all have experience from well-known and acclaimed restaurants. When they all moved to Stavanger, they decided to open up a restaurant together, which then became SÖL.


Focus on the greens

At SÖL, they wish to keep the greens as the focal point rather than the meat. Meat will still be apart of the menu, which will come from sustainable partners. However, it will remain a small part of the entire dining experience. The shining stars here will be the delicious local vegetables. Alongside the menu, you can enjoy a glass or two of natural wines that come from local producers.


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