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Restaurant Smak

“Best in the North. It's like coming home to Linda and Espen. The ambiance is cosy, yet super professional. The food is to die for and if that doesn't do the trick, the wine list will” – Guest Roffie

“As electric as the Northern Lights!” – Guest Mark H.

“My last fine dining experience was at a one-star Michelin restaurant. Smak is better.” – Guest Marius


Northern (De)light

Restaurant Smak used to be located in Bodø about nine hours south by car. In Bodø, it quickly became established as one of the best restaurants in the city. In 2017, owners Espen and Eva-Linda reopened the acclaimed restaurant in Tromsø, a city known for being a hotspot when speaking of the remarkable Northern Lights. Espen and Eva-Linda opened Smak with the same ambitions as before, which entailed offering delicious dinners in a pleasant atmosphere, with the same enthusiasm and service. The duo has certainly achieved this as Smak has hit the #1 hitlist in Tromsø and is now one of the best restaurants there, if not the best!


Impeccable service makes Smak unforgettable

The exclusive restaurant Smak is run by Espen and Eva-Linda, both of whom are chefs by profession. They have worked in many parts of the country - from Svalbard in the north to Stavanger in the south, and have taken the best from each place and incorporated it into their restaurant. Espen is responsible for cooking, and Eva-Linda serves guests at the highest level. Exquisite food and impeccable service will make your visit to Smak unforgettable.


Exclusive fine-dining experience

Inside the intimate restaurant, there is an open kitchen, which gives you an insight into the magic happening in the kitchen. The interior is classic and elegant, and Eva-Linda will ensure a personal and intimate service. The menu’s ingredients depend on the season and change every three weeks. The kitchen only makes use of high quality, fresh ingredients that are mostly harvested from local farms. Their extensive and carefully selected wine list features an abundance of delicious grapes, and it is highly recommended to pair your menu with wine to ensure the best dining experience.


Their opening hours are Tuesday to Saturday from 18:00. The restaurant can host up to 24 guests. Due to high demand, reservations well in advance are highly recommended.


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