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Restaurant Blue Peter was established back in 1976 and it is situated on the island of Lauttasaari in Helsinki. More specifically it is located in the middle of the Helsingfors Segelklubb HSK yacht club area, only a 4 kilometer drive or walk away from Helsinki city center. The sea view is stunning from the tables both inside and outside and the food is seasonal, traditional and guaranteed fresh.

By the sea

In the beginning of 2007 the restaurant went through a complete renovation. Today, Blue Peter is more spacious than ever, and it feels as if the sea has come closer to the premises. The transformed Blue Peter lends you a modern but still original atmosphere to enjoy delicious food and to arrange festive occasions and gatherings in a unique yacht club surrounding.

You'll find the popular terraces of Blue Peter a wonderful place to enjoy the sun and the sea atmosphere, only a short trip from the city centre. In the summer periods you can take a seat outside at the terrace and enjoy your food while looking at the sailing boats gently rocking in the clear water and during the winter the ocean scenery can still be fully enjoyed thanks to the large windows facing all the beautiful surroundings.

Food for every occasion

Blue Peters bountiful lunch buffet has always been popular, and now they also offer business lunches with a wonderful fish selection in our Maritime Lounge, Merisali. After lunchtime and during evenings and weekends they serve their Bistromenu. Sunday they invite you and your family to enjoy their famous warm Sunday brunch buffet filled with delicious tastes from the hors d’oeuvre and fish table and of course with wonderful desserts as well.

Events at Blue Peter

You can arrange parties and other functions for 20-200 people all around the year in either the Sali or the HSK Club, from both of which you have access to the outdoor terraces. The peaceful surroundings, good food, friendly service and the good price/quality relation have made Blue Peter one of the most popular venues in the capital area. 


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