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HAARLA is a backyard restaurant in Tampere, where top quality and a warm atmosphere meet the joy of delivering an excellent service. Sit down to enjoy delightful flavours or stop by the bar for a glass of good wine.

Ravinteli HAARLA is the latest ode to good food from restaurateurs Pekka Salmela and Mika Roito, who have already become legends in the culinary scene. The duo are known for their laid-back fine dining restaurant Bertha and meat restaurant Huber.

The menu consists mainly of European restaurant classics with a brisk attitude, and each customer can choose their combination, whether they want to enjoy a big or smaller meal. In addition to tasty and unpretentious food, it is absolutely essential for us to offer a great service with a human touch

At Haarla, our professional and friendly staff will ensure that your restaurant experience is smooth and successful in every way. Whether you’re stopping by after a busy day or enjoying a romantic evening out, a good atmosphere is always guaranteed at Haarla.


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