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Gaijin – in the corner of Bulevardi and Yrjönkatu - is the second BW-Restaurant. Gaijin takes you on a flavour journey to the excotic and mythical North Asia. Gaijin offers a unique experience by combining Japanese, Korean and Northern Chinese cuisines with a bold and modern touch.



Gaijin’s story started when the founding duo Tomi Björck and Matti Wikberg explored China, Korea and Japan and got hooked on the cuisines. Blending authentic Asian flavours with modern Asian cuisines of Sydney and New York, resulted in the unique flavour profile of Gaijin.


Gaijin takes you on a quest where you get to explore fresh, new flavour combinations, ingredients and seasonal tastes. The food philosophy is based on social eating and most of the dishes are meant to be shared. Seasonal tasting menus are the best way to enjoy many of the dishes in one go!




The wine list is filled with aromatic and pure wines to match the Asian dishes. Wines are carefully chosen and the selection varies from the new world’s modern wines to the wines of the traditional European wine regions & producers.


Gaijin’s seasonal cocktails are always mixed from fresh ingredients from the scratch. They reflect Asian flavours from aperitifs to dessert cocktails.


Gaijin is known for its vast and unique Sake selection. All sake is high quality and they are served chilled to bring out the fresh and pure flavours. Sake is an essential part of Japanese food- and drink culture and Gaijin serves sake as a part of all tasting menus. 


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