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The Finnish restaurant Savotta is located on Senate Square, opposite the Cathedral. Timber guys and gals will lead you with their casual care to a nostalgic time journey of past decades. Both the authentic interior and the dishes served in original style have been inspired by the Finnish forests and thousands of lakes with a dash of Finnish “sisu” and logging traditions. Savotta offers earthy Finnish food and Finnish nostalgia.

Time travel at Senate square

Savotta’s street-level dining room offers handsome views directly onto the Senate Square and the Cathedral. Here you will find familiar old objects from Grandma's, and old and new Finnish Arabia dishes in the tableware. More than a hundred-year-old floorboards, old wooden chairs and tables downstairs have been imported from all over Finland. The logging site inspired cabin is also great for private events.

The best flavors of the provinces

Savotta's cuisine cherishes the Finnish food traditions, and the best dishes of the provinces have been chosen for the menu. We use domestic raw materials that we have procured from clean Finnish forests, water bodies, and fields, as well as from carefully selected suppliers.
The menu includes e.g. lake fish, reindeer, elk, berries, mushrooms and the best pieces of traditional recipes that have been honed over generations - all made in Savotta style. Savotta is also involved in the spirit of the times, offering vegan dishes. The rarer king of the forests, the bear, is served as tasty tidbit in a wooden kuksa mug.  Alluring desserts cannot be ignored, and the coffees are poured from an old-fashioned pan or traditional Airam thermos bottle.

Savotta has been selected according to precise criteria for the Think Sustainably service, which helps to choose more sustainable ways to live and enjoy in Helsinki.


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