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Sky Kitchen & View is a luminous restaurant at the side of beautiful fjelds of Southern Lapland. Restaurant is located in Rovaniemi, and it’s a part of Lapland Hotels Sky Ounasvaara. Alongside with the views Sky Kitchen & View offers pure and honest tastes of Lapland.


Restaurant close to the sky

When you stand close to the sky, everything is clean, fresh and clear. Through the windows of magnificent Sky Kitchen & View the colours of horizon glow powerful and the night sky with its thousands of stars shines bright. Skyline holds many surprises inside of it – it will always appear unique to each one of us.

Sky Kitchen & View is a magical restaurant whether you visit at the season of snowy trees or the fresh greenness of summer. Combination of the beautiful landscape and modern dishes, which are based on Northern ingredients, are the foundation of the restaurant. Dinner here is an experience that is truly exceptional in Finland.


Magnificent surprise menus

Special surprise menus of the restaurant show the skills and passionate cooking of the kitchen staff. In Sky Kitchen & View people indeed rely on creativity and cleanliness in everything they do. Beside menus restaurant also offers bistro-style dishes, which gives the hotel guests to taste a piece of the North.


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