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The smell of an authentic charcoal barbecue in a historic house

Huber is a restaurant for the true carnivore and his meat-loving friends. Located in a historic funky house on the edge of Laukontori in Tampere, the restaurant's atmosphere is guaranteed by immediate, high-quality service, which is emphasized in the product knowledge of both the meat and the restaurant's beverage products. The smell of a genuine charcoal barbecue invites you to taste the meaty dishes prepared with skill and patience as soon as you enter the restaurant. The magic of this carnivore's paradise takes place in the flame-throwing Kopa grill at the heart of the kitchen.

Simple dishes made with quality meat

Huber's unique service concept is the brainchild of restaurateurs Mika Roito and Pekka Salmela. The duo's restaurants Bertha and Huber have been serving in the heart of Tampere for over a decade. The new restaurant Haarla, opening in summer 2023, will bring another interesting addition to Tampere's restaurant scene: at Huber, you can choose the daily selection of steaks, hand-cut on the spot, from the chalkboard, which is constantly updated by the waiters - as is the way of a genuine steakhouse. The best experience is created by ordering a variety of cuts of meat and side dishes to share in the middle of the table. All you have to do is turn up at Huber's, and the attentive staff will be happy to help you put together a set that's just right for you.

Huber's kitchen has tried many things over the years, but now the food is the closest thing to the original idea in all its simplicity. Huber focuses on what it does best: meat. The menu has been simplified over the years, but we insist that there is always a vegetarian option, so that there is something for everyone in the party.

Finished off with drinks to match the food and atmosphere

Huber's high quality, expertly prepared meats deserve to be accompanied by top quality drinks. The body of the wine list, made through our own imports, is complemented by old world classics. Huber's professional staff is second to none and will help you find the right drinks to match the mood and dishes throughout the evening. On the drinks front, praise is due to both the classic style wine list, the in-house recipe cocktails, and the comparatively extensive beer selection. A comprehensive range of non-alcoholic options is also available.

Reservations at Huber should be made well in advance. Although Huber welcomes walk-in customers, the restaurant's popularity is reflected in the fast-filling reservation lists. While Huber's big sister restaurant Bertha is the highlight and finale of the evening, Huber allows you to enjoy a quick burger at the bar in the early evening without a reservation. But let's not forget that Huber's relaxed and approachable atmosphere makes for a lively time, which makes Restaurant Huber the perfect place for a long meal. Whether you're looking for a restaurant for a night at the theater or a casual evening out with friends, Restaurant Huber is a great choice!


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