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Restaurant Puri offers international cuisine inspired by Scandinavian traditions. The restaurant opened in June 2019, and they welcome guests to come by and enjoy an elegant and relaxed atmosphere. They have 80 seats in the a la Carte hall, including 20 seats in the separate cozy bar area. The main restaurant hall has lots of light with panoramic windows to enjoy romantic sea sunsets. There is a fireplace to keep you warm during the winter evenings.


Funky classic

Puri’s restaurant team is young, active and inspired by the idea to have the best restaurant in Tallinn. Joonas Koppel is the executive chef, and his handwriting on the culinary stage has been gaining attention for years and characterized by the word “funky classic.”

Joonas is very inspired by the variety of ingredients, different cuisines, travelling, and people around him. Joonas is one of the few chefs in Estonia with an out-of-the-box creative culinary mindset, which makes him capable of creating masterpieces and memorable experiences for even the biggest food lovers.

Kristjan Kiho is a sommelier at Puri restaurant. He has worked hard to develop a wine menu by mixing smaller producers with bigger ones. With the help of Kristjan, Puri restaurant offers carefully selected wines from different regions of the world.


Harmonic essence of Haven Kakumäe

The Puri restaurant resides in a quiet, prestigious, family-based district, Kakumäe, in the brand-new marina. It is on the west side of Tallinn, only 10 km from the city center, and the area is famous for its untouched nature, forests and seaside line.

You can find the restaurant on the second floor of the new Maritime center building on the marina promenade. Large windows overlook the harbour, and it allows guests to enjoy spectacular views while dining. There is free parking available outside, and the building is wheelchair accessible.


From sea to land

The restaurant is built on ground that previously belonged to the sea. For centuries, the local fishermen used this harbour to catch fish. After the Haven Kakumäe development started in 2015, they completely renovated the area and extended the seashore line.

The place still keeps the maritime spirit and is associated with peace and harmony. In combination with modern architecture, fancy illumination, it brings the feeling of enjoyment and luxury lifestyle.


Set sail for a journey of tastes

As the restaurant resides in the marina, they were looking towards a relevant and short name. Finally, they came up with Puri. Puri in Estonian means ‘sails,’ and they believe that their sails are always up to energize and deliver people to new culinary travel destinations.


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