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Offer at MASH Århus

Currently there are no offers at this restaurant. See all the other good offers and get notified of new ones.

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Nimb Brasserie - København V
Nimb BrasserieFredagsrock 2019
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Prices from 1,295 DKK per person

Experience the Friday Rock concerts from the frontline sitting on the balcony of Nimb Brasserie

Price: DKK 1295 per person excl. fee 19:15 Bubbles & Snacks 19:45 Salmon with...

Ravintola Vessel - Helsinki
Ravintola Vessel
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Prices from 79 EUR per person

Philipp Westerling vie teidät samppanjoiden maailmaan

Tervetuloa 18.5.19 klo 16.00 Viime kerta oli menestys ja nyt haluammekin tarjota uuden...

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