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Molskroen & Molskroen Brasserie

”A stylish, relaxed and well-regarded seaside inn with a reputation for gastronomy; a table on the charming terrace is the perfect spot to enjoy traditional French cuisine as well as more modern interpretations of the classics.” – Michelin Guide 2019.


About Molskroen

Molkroen is on Hovedgaden 16, Femmøller Strand, Ebeltoft, 8400 Denmark, on the Eastern side of Denmark. It is located right by Lyngsbæk Stand. Mols is one of the most breathtaking places in Denmark. The scenery alone is worth the visit. The restaurant will take you on a mouthwatering gourmet experience, thereby giving you the best of both worlds. Dining at Molskroen is an absolute fine dining experience and reservations should be booked well in advance.


‘The Plate’ title, Michelin Guide 2019

Molkroen is described by guests as an exquisite experience. Head chef Steffen Villadsen and his team are on a whole other level when it comes to creating beautiful gourmet dishes. They are currently recommended in the Michelin Guide 2019, and many critics and guests have said Molskroen is worth a Michelin star or two.

Because of the kitchen teams' talent, the restaurant is very popular. Many people both local and international come to visit Molskroen, so dishes are high in demand here.


Unique dining opportunities

Molskroen is known as one of the best restaurants in Denmark. They serve high-quality food with a classic stylish interior. Throughout the year, Molskroen hosts several events where many of them include chef guests.

Most recently, they have had events where chef Dak Winchangoen from Michelin restaurant Kiin Kiin came to cook gourmet food with Molskroen head chef Steffen Villadsen. They also host other events such as Valentines, afternoon tea, Easter dinners and Italian nights.


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