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Restaurant 20a is located on Ravnsborggade in Inner Nørrebro, and here you can look forward to a dining spot with French, playful undertones. With a simple decor and a cozy atmosphere, 20a is the ideal place for a nice dinner with friends and family.

20a calls itself a Mediterranean-inspired wine bar and eatery. And for good reason. It is situated on the cobbled streets of Nørrebro, which is bustling with life and colorful facades. The trendy cobblestones are home to antique dealers, baristas with Ph.D.s in latte art, and of course, Restaurant 20a. It’s a perfect place to enjoy French delicacies and a wonderful wine list, particularly their popular selection of orange wines.

French-inspired darling

At Restaurant 20a, they have a fondness for French cuisine and French wines without being dogmatic. They do not limit themselves to a single country but draw inspiration from many different countries and cuisines. Guests can enjoy mushroom toast, soup, or tartar. If you're hungry for larger dishes, the kitchen offers vegetarian, fish, and meat options, so there’s something for every taste.

Wonderful wines – and orange wine

Since 20a is French-inspired, it comes as no surprise that the menu also features French farmhouse cheeses, which pair perfectly with a glass of fine wine. They offer both funky natural wines and classic wines, ranging from juicy to robust and everything in between. If you haven’t tried orange wine yet, or if you are still skeptical about this new grape juice, 20a can guide you through the best selection in town, sure to spark your enthusiasm.

If you can't quite remember where the French wine regions are—or if you need to show your friend where you’ll be going on vacation next—just lean back and look up at the ceiling. It’s one big map of France.

The restaurant is decorated with dark wooden floors, dark wooden tables, and simple black metal chairs. There are retro chalkboards on the walls and numerous old wine crates serving as small shelves with lights, books, and wines. French sausages adorn the wall behind the bar, and the tables are set with candles and orange porcelain jars for the tableware. The decor contributes to an intimate and pleasant atmosphere that, combined with good service, creates a unique ambiance that is both cheerful, jovial, and cozy.

Successful team behind

The restaurateurs Andreas Malling and Charles Teinby are the masterminds behind 20a. In addition to this gem, they also run the eateries Sankt Annæ 8 and Lalala in Christianshavn, as well as the newly opened Ma Cuisine in Nørrebro.


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