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Restaurant 20a is located on Ravnsborggade on Nørrebro. At this restaurant, you can look forward to a great dining experience inspired by France. With its simple interior and cozy atmosphere, 20a is the ideal place for a night out with friends and family. They are open Monday-Friday 15:00-00:00, Saturday 13:00-00:00. They serve warm food from 17:30-22:00 or until sold out.


French Inspired

At 20a, they have a weakness for the French kitchen and tasty French wines. However, this doesn’t stop the team from creating dishes outside of French cuisine. Even though their hearts belong to France, the inspiration for their changing menu comes from many different countries and many different kitchens styles.


The Menu

The concept at 20a is simple: they serve the dish of the day. You can choose between eating at the restaurant for 135 DKK or take it home with you for just 90 DKK. Just as the name suggests, the dish changes daily, and an updated list is always available on 20a’s website. You can also order appetizers, a fish dish and a dessert off the menu. They also always have delicious charcuterie and cheese on the menu, which is bought from Le Gourmand, who brings it home from France.


Map of France

If you are having trouble remembering where the French wine districts are, or perhaps you wish to share your knowledge with your friend, all you have to do is lean your head back and look up at the ceiling. There you will find a large map of France.


Cozy Atmosphere

The restaurant’s interior consists of dark wooden floors, dark wooden tables and simple black chairs. They have retro chalkboards on their walls, as well as old wine boxes used as small shelves with lights, books and wine inside. On the tables, they have candles and orange porcelain jars with cutlery inside. The interior creates an intimate, cheerful and relaxed atmosphere.


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