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In the central of H.C. Andersen's hometown and just a stone-throw from Denmark's second oldest theatre, Odense Theatre, is the cozy restaurant Kok & Vin. Kok & Vin is an authentic bistro that serves delicious dishes in remarkable surroundings that radiate passion, happiness and love.


Menu of the day & á la carte

The menu at Kok & Vin consists of partly their a la carte menu and partly the menu of the day. The menu of the day is three of the chefs’ creative dishes made from the season’s local ingredients for just 300 DKK. You can also design your own by choosing from the a la carte menu’s several delicious sections.


Local produce & French-inspired

The kitchen gets its inspiration from Frenc cuisine – especially from restaurants in Paris and Lyon. The menu for example has oysters, snails, foie gras terrine, tartar and crispy braised duck leg to offer. Are you craving tender meat? No worries, they also offer a Danish sirloin steak from Kildegården, which of course, is served with crispy fries and creamy Bearnaise sauce.

Although the inspiration is French, the kitchen is not dogmatic. They like to get inspiration from all over, but they do get most of their inspiration from the great French chefs.

The produce is mainly local – some of it even comes from their own backyard. At Kok & Vin, it is absolutely essential to respect nature and take advantage of the seasons and the local area to get the best produce possible.



At Kok & Vin, it’s about cutting everything out that is unnecessary. Anything that is unnecessary is taken out so that all that remains is simple, wonderful service and food. The atmosphere is casual, the approach is creative and respectful and the food is delicious. It’s simply about giving the guests the opportunity to dine exactly how they appreciate and prefer it.


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