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Seaside Toldboden is the place where gourmet meets the relaxed atmosphere by the harbour.



Seaside Toldboden is the new gastronomic destination in Copenhagen. The ambition is to be among the very best restaurants in Denmark with a brand-new concept where they combine the very best from restaurants with the techniques from street food. In unique settings, their culinary artists create their signature dishes.



At Seaside Toldboden, they have created a platform where talented chefs can run their own business and kitchen. The restaurant has seven skilled chefs who have become independent head chefs in the beautiful maritime space by the waterside. The seven chefs previously worked at some of the best restaurants in Denmark and will now be running the kitchen here at Seaside.



Seaside Toldboden is perfect for those looking for an authentic and local dining experience of the highest quality. Ingredients, flavours and a holistic experience are essential here. They have a focus on naive food-producing. It is flawless, simple food with a few ingredients, and it results in mouthwatering meals.

The food is prepared with both body and soul. It is authentic, impeccable, and pure. At Seaside Toldboden, the guests can meet the owner, and you can truly feel their passion for cooking.



Seaside Toldboden is a homage to the chefs that have worked at Danish restaurants and have helped put Danish gastronomy on the world map. At Seaside Toldboden, they set their sights on the enormous mass of talent working in the layers just below the head chefs. They wish to pay tribute to the chefs that have been working at some of the absolute best restaurants in Denmark by giving them a chance to run the kitchen at Seaside Toldboden.

Experienced, first-class chefs are now independent head chefs and can put their personal touch on the delicious food being served here.


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