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Madkælderen Koldinghus

Welcome to the castle of Mid Jutland. This fortress of stone was founded in the 13th century. The Koldinghus tower is an iconic panorama experience and is the crowning jewel of the city. Once at the top, you can see just about everything your heart could desire. The ancient castle rests atop a small hill. Behold its magical reflection in the waters of Slotsøen, where locals and visitors rest on blankets during the summertime, surrounded by nature and nostalgia of the days of yore.


The History of Koldinghus

Since its foundation in the 13th century, the castle has expanded with functions ranging from fortress, royal residency, to ruins. It was also known as the site for numerous wartime negotiations. King Christoffer I founded Koldinghus in 1268 and was later expanded on by other kings such as Christian I and Christian III.

However, during the Napoleonic wars in 1808, while French and Spanish soldiers quartered at Koldinghus, a fire started because of all the activity around the furnaces and stoves. The fire ruined all the main buildings. It became abandoned afterwards because of economic issues. In later years, the ruin became a landmark, and it was decided that restoration was in order. In 1991 Koldinghus once again stood tall, fully restored.


Extravagancy in the Cellar

The cellar where you’ll be eating has existed since the mid-15th century. In the 18th century, the cellar was at one point a confectionery. But today it’s a restaurant with room for 80 guests. The cellar is a unique space for a restaurant with its arched ceilings and rustic brick walls, and of course, it being below a castle. Invite your spouse for a romantic, intimate evening with outstanding gourmet food on the menu.


Dine like Royalty

The royal lunch buffet commences every day from 11:30-15:00. The menu offers traditional Danish dishes with seafood, liver, cheeses and whatever else could entice you! Should you wish to dine like a king or queen, Koldinghus formally invites you to an all-inclusive all-night experience on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays inside the authentic and historical cellar.

They offer a menu for each season and the dishes are always made with love, as well as always created with high-quality ingredients. They have experienced staff that will make you feel like Queen Margrethe II. Dining gourmet-style at a castle is not something many people can say, so grab your chance and book a table!


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