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Restaurant Schønnemann

Restaurant Schønnemann is one of the best lunch-only restaurants in Copenhagen. They are famous for their delicious freshly made open-faced-sandwiches, also known as smørrebrød. The atmosphere is full of rich history since its opening in 1877, making it one of the oldest existing restaurants in Copenhagen. They are open Monday to Saturday from 11:30-17:00.


One of Copenhagen’s best restaurants

Located close to King’s Garden and the lovely Botanical Gardens in Copenhagen, Schønnemann makes some of the best dishes in Copenhagen. Because of their accomplishments in the kitchen, the restaurant has been on the prestigious Michelin Guide from 2010-2015 - praise that is hard to come by for a smørrebrød restaurant.

The restaurant is highly spoken of because of its assortment of smørrebrød and potent shots of schnapps. It is often visited by celebrities and highly acclaimed chefs in Copenhagen.


Nostalgic atmosphere

This restaurant is the epitome of Danish culture, and that is why their specialty is smørrebrød, albeit they also serve warm dishes and other specialties. This delightful old restaurant’s atmosphere and its interior design take you straight back to the 1800s with its dark wood panelling, green walls, crisp white table linens and fustian-covered chairs. Schønnemann at Hauser’s place was once a place for farmers after a hard day’s work of selling their goods.

It is now owned and operated by the experienced restaurant couple Juliette and Thomas Gaarn Rasmussen, who ensure to preserve the history and traditions of Schønnemanns.


Famous smørrebrød

The luxurious everyday food is plated with delicacy, and each bite amasses a variety of flavours that complement each other. The menu consists mostly of smørrebrød that range from matured herring, smoked eel with freshly made scrambled eggs to potato-topped smørrebrød.

Many of the dishes are named after celebrities and praised chefs who order them so often it became their specialty. They have, for example, Jørgen Leth’s (writer and filmmaker) dish with pickled herring and Rene Redzepi, chef and co-owner of NOMA’s halibut smørrebrød dish.

This famous restaurant is a must to experience the Danish culture. It is Denmark.


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