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Huks Fluks draws inspiration from the vibrant, southern bistros. The restaurant, with its informal ambience, serves high-quality food any time of the day.

Bistro food of the highest quality

Huks Fluks takes pride in serving high-quality dishes at a high pace. The menu has a selection of simple bistro dishes from southern European countries. The menu changes regularly and is highly influenced by the fresh produce of the season. This is why you will always experience something new when you return to Huks Fluks. The house's speciality is the delicate, Spanish ham Pata Negra from the Extremadura region in southwest Spain. This delicious ham is always to be found on the menu. The wine menu has a broad selection of wines from the south of Europe. 

Rustic and cosy atmosphere 

The interior is classic and simple but with a warm and rustic atmosphere. Take a seat at one of the charming wooden tables and let your glance fall on the Pata Negra hams that are hanging from the roof. During the cold months, Huks Fluks creates a nice ambience when firing up the fireplace. In spring and summertime, you can enjoy the lovely atmosphere on the big and sunny terrace that is placed on the vibrant and historic Gråbrødre Torv. 

The place for every occasion 

Huks Fluks is located on Gråbrødretorv in the middle of the old streets of Copenhagen. Grab a cup of coffee or a cold beer with your friend or take a small break from shopping. Huks Fluks serves both lunch and dinner. You can grab a small bite if you are peckish or a three-course meal if you are hungry. Huks Fluks has everything plus a bit more and the friendly staff is always ready to accommodate your needs. If are you looking for a place to host your next private dinner party, then you can rent one of Huks Fluks' assembly rooms.

A member of the Tholstrup family

The Tholstrup business was founded back in 1972 by Peter Tholstrup. To this day, it is still a family business. All Tholstrup restaurants have the following things in common: a passion for quality, a love for the seasonal produce and profound respect for the value that is enjoying a meal with one another. Other than Huks Fluks, Tholstrup is also in charge of Peder Oxe, Kompasset, Bøf & Ost, Nyhavns Færgekro and Cap Horn. All of these restaurants are located in Copenhagen. 


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