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No.2 is the name of the sister restaurant to the fabulous two-starred Michelin restaurant AOC. What both restaurants have in common is that none of them compromise when concerning produce, flavours and creating a wine menu. Kick back and relax at the wonderful gourmet bistro that has a breathtaking view of the Black Diamond (The Royal Library), Copenhagen’s harbour and its canals.


High standards

With their renowned flavours and meticulous wine menu, Christian Aarø and Søren Selin have set the standard for bistro-style in Copenhagen. Nikolaj Køster is the Head Chef here at No 2 – he is the man behind the artistic dishes and has been with No. 2 since the beginning.

Other people on the team are sommelier and restaurant manager John David Poulsen and bar chef Sune Urth. Together they ensure a relaxed environment, high-quality food, delicious drinks, and homemade schnapps for their guests.


Seasons kitchen

At No.2, they have their own way of looking at Nordic cuisine. The kitchen is described as a ‘seasons kitchen,’ that always uses the seasons’ best produce from the sea, forest, beach and fields. It is the partner and AOC Head Chef Søren Selin, who has the main responsibility in creating the menus for No.2, and his kitchen is known for its zero compromises regarding the use of the best produce in Denmark.

No.2 is the kind of place you can visit more often and for a longer time compared to its sister restaurant AOC, Søren Selin said to Danish newspaper Berlingske:

“At No.2, we can be more immediate. The menu I have created is based on what I am in the mood for right now. You are supposed to be able to come by and dine once a week if you want to eat out that often, whereas if things are going well, you can visit AOC every six months.”


Michelin recommended

The sister restaurant to AOC is also featured in the Michelin Guide 2020. No.2 can boast of its ‘Michelin Plate’ title. The guide wrote of No.2:

“Set among smart offices and apartments on the edge of the dock is this elegant restaurant; a sister to a|o|c. Fresh, flavoursome dishes focus on quality Danish ingredients – highlights include the cured hams, cheeses and ice creams.”


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