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Ideally located on the marina in Vejle you will find Restaurant Remouladen, and from here you can enjoy a sensual dining experience and a great view. The kitchen has roots in the Danish and French tradition and you can look forward to open sandwiches with a modern twist and tasty dishes with an international touch.


The best ingredients

Remouladen uses quality ingredients and only the very best finds its way into the kitchen. Ecology and sustainability is important to them and Danish ingredients from local producers are vital ingredients in their tasty dishes - but they are not ‘saved’: "We love fresh Danish ingredients and especially from the local area - but only if it is here, that we find the best goods ". They also find their high quality ingredients abroad. Their love for the French tradition leads them to Paris once a week to pick up world-class specialties and vegetables.


Pursuing the great taste

The taste is crucial to restaurant Remouladen. Therefore, the kitchen is not necessarily characterized by any particular style – the focus is on the taste, and there has to be room to express themselves and find inspiration without limitations in the pursuit of great taste.


Everything is made from scratch, from beets to the bread - and of course remoulade. For lunch you can enjoy Danish classics and open sandwiches with a modern twist and for dinner you can expect a simple and tasty international cuisine based on the chefs' own favorites.


Sincere service and relaxed atmosphere

It is essential that the guests have a good experience at Remouladen. Therefore they make a virtue of creating an informal and relaxed atmosphere in both decor and service.

The decor at Restaurant Remouladen fits the food: "Tasteful and simple, but spiced with perky details and a modern relaxed atmosphere. Nordic but international".

When it comes to service, they always strive to be attentive and helpful and you can expect to meet a team of professional, skilled and competent staff who are always ready to make you feel at home at Remouladen.



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