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Restaurant Krebsegaarden

Restaurant Krebsegaarden is on Studiestræde in the heart of Copenhagen's old Latin quarter. The gallery attached to the restaurant is in its charming backyard. Krebsegaarden has an assortment of dishes available on the menu. However, if you are finding it difficult to make a decision, they recommend their tasting menu as it gives you the opportunity to explore a larger part of the menu. Book a table at this place and you are guaranteed a different dining experience.


Gallery Krebsen

Even though the restaurant Krebsegaarden is open for all, it is recommended to visit the gallery to gain some insight before dining or even just for the artistic experience. The gallery Krebsen has been regularly showing a variety of extraordinary exhibitions by Nordic and international artists since 1991. The gallery shows everything from paintings and drawings to sculptures and textiles.


Inspiration from Gallery Krebsen

To dine at Krebsegaarden is a unique experience full of surprises. Inspiration for the menu comes from both the exhibition and the artist, ranging from nationality, favourite dishes to the theme of the art. The guests at Krebsegaarden can experience up to eight different menus a year because the menu changes alongside the shows from the gallery.


Happy Customers

The guests are unbelievably pleased with this restaurant, and it is often in Top 5 of the best restaurants in Zealand according to guest reviews on The experience has been described as “the best meal” of their lives and has been claimed worthy of a Michelin star by guests. The food, as well as the staff, are extraordinary at Krebsegaarden. Guests have marked them as informative, personal and friendly, which has completed the experience at this intimate, remarkable restaurant.



The restaurant is open from Tuesday-Saturday from 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM. You can contact the restaurant for inquiries at +45 20 12 40 15 or by email:


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