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Restaurant Nordatlanten

With a view over the ocean by Odense harbour, is the beautiful restaurant Nordatlanten. The restaurant serves food inspired by the Northern Atlantic countries. On the menu, you’ll find everything from moose and Icelandic scallops to Faroese beer syrup and homemade mayo with Greenlandic angelica. You can stop by Nordatlanten for both lunch and dinner, and during the weekends, they have a big brunch buffet.


Local and North Atlantic produce

The kitchen is rooted in Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands cuisine while still having clear references to the French kitchen. They use local produce from both big and small manufacturers, and the produce from the North Atlantic countries is always carefully chosen.

For example, they have imported birch syrup, schnapps, seaweed, lamb, fish and shellfish from Iceland. They also often visit the North Atlantic countries to gain more inspiration and ideas as well as find new suppliers.


Bringing the North Atlantic to Odense

The restaurant is a part of the North Atlantic House on the harbour front, which is a community centre where Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands meet Denmark. They have lectures, exhibitions and other fun activities with people from the North Atlantic. The concept behind the community centre is to bring together the nations here in Odense, which is something the restaurant strives and succeeds in with their culinary vision.


Respect for the produce

All the food here is made from scratch; the kitchen staff bake, cook, dry and marinate everything themselves! There is a profound respect for produce in the kitchen and, therefore, the dishes are always full of love and made with the highest quality of produce. The menu at Nordatlanten changes often to ensure that the produce is only used when completely fresh.

At least every season, and as often as every month, the restaurant shakes up the menu, so be sure to visit often so you can try some new delicious dishes.


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