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Osteria 16 - Haderslevgade

On a side street to Enghave Plads on Vesterbro, is the little antipasti restaurant and bar Osteria 16. Here, you will find a casual eatery with reasonable prices for their great food and wine. There is just one menu, written on a blackboard in the restaurant. The menu is composed of simple, delicious, and fresh dishes.


Italian antipasti with a touch of Pakistani

The menu changes daily and consists of eight small dishes that are shared by the whole table. All dishes here are simple, original, and prepared with the freshest produce from Italy and local areas. Morten Kaltoft is the person behind Osteria 16 and is also the man behind the Italian FAMO-restaurants and Emil Alsbo, who has his roots in the art business.

Morten Kaltoft has taken the inspiration from FAMO and added it to the kitchen of Osteria 16. However, Kaltoft also plays with other cuisines. On the menu is, for example, the Pakistani curry. The wine menu is as much French as it is Italian. Osteria 16 is, in a way, a completely original restaurant in Denmark with its Italian antipasti and Pakistani inspiration – it is definitely not something you can experience every day.


Owner of several places

Besides the FAMO-restaurants, Osteria 16 also owns the restaurant Spaghetteria, which is another Italian restaurant that serves classic Italian food. Furthermore, they are behind the Italian supermarket MERCATO, a place where you can buy Italian specialties imported directly from Italian or you can buy an Italian lunch or dinner to go.


A casual dining experience

The restaurant is small and is quite the hidden gem on Vesterbro. If you do not already know where it is placed, it is easy to miss. The small restaurant is usually full, and there is not a lot of space between the tables. Here you sit on benches by long tables and on barstools by the window. Every inch of the place is used to its maximum potential and, it emits a lively, intimate, and relaxed setting.


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