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Vinola Vinbar, located at Kongensgade 19 in Odense, is a wine bar created by wine-loving brothers Frederik and Casper Kondrup. Here, guests are served quality wines at reasonable prices, accompanied by a delightful menu featuring charcuterie.

“Our goal is to create a wine bar with space for everyone”.

This is how the duo, Frederik and Casper Kondrup, who own Vinola Vinbar, describe their mission. Both originally from Funen, they are well-acquainted with the local area and aim to bring a wine bar to the city that they feel has been missing. With an ambition to create an inclusive atmosphere, Vinola Vinbar offers a place where both beginners and experienced wine lovers can feel at home.

Snacks and water accompany the wine

At Vinola Vinbar, the goal is to run a wine bar with space for everyone. There is no snobbery here—both novices and wine enthusiasts can find their place. Water is, of course, free. Guests always receive a complimentary snack with their glass of wine, which can be ordered from 70 DKK per glass.

Vinola Vinbar offers more than just wine. Guests can enjoy delicious cheeses and charcuterie from local Funen suppliers, perfectly matched to the wines. For example, you can order a charcuterie board or cheese board for 130 DKK each, or combine both for 250 DKK. Additionally, there are delightful canned fish with bread for 90 DKK and a crispy toast for 100 DKK, ideal for satisfying hunger.

Wines served with a story

Vinola Vinbar is known for its wide selection of quality wines from small producers, specially chosen for their unique stories and flavors. The focus is primarily on European wines from Germany, France, Spain, and Italy, with a particular fondness for Champagne. Frederik Kondrup, who manages the daily operations and runs the webshop VinGuruen, ensures that each wine receives the attention and presentation it deserves. He is happy to share stories about the various grapes and producers with curious guests.

Prices start at 70 DKK, and for this amount, guests receive both wine and complimentary snacks, inspired by the brothers' travels to the South. With only 23 indoor seats, the bar creates an intimate and cozy atmosphere, and guests can also enjoy their wine under the open sky in the outdoor area. The bar is equipped with Spiegelau wine glasses to ensure the optimal wine experience. The bar handles the import of the wines themselves, ensuring good quality at a fair price.


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