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Welcome to STØBERIET Dining Room & Garden!


The restaurant’s name, which means foundry, and concept draw inspiration from its historic location and the original building that, until the 1980s, housed B&W’s huge, round foundry. This is where they made enormous engine parts for massive ocean-going ships, and in the foundry they combined practical work surroundings with a beautiful design that could accommodate both the large cranes and many thousands of employees.


Today, we no longer make machine parts in Støberiet, but rather quality meals that are based on an organic approach, observing good animalwelfare practices while using local ingredients in an atmosphere that brings together families, the water and the bright offices that have replaced Sydhavnen’s heavy industrial buildings. But our name continues to pay homage to our district’s storied past, and we look forward to providing you with a very special experience steeped in rich history. You can always be sure to find “Støberne’s Favourites” on the menu.



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