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At Parsley Salon, you can look forward to a truly unique evening where everything you could wish for as a guest is taken care of. From the moment you step into the intimate cellar until the end of the evening, you will be treated with the utmost care and attention.

Fine dining in the heart of Hellerup

Located in the heart of Hellerup, Parsley Salon offers guests a holistic dining experience. The setting is intimate and sophisticated, placing both the guest and culinary excellence at the forefront. From the wine selection to the delicious French gourmet dishes made with the finest ingredients, everything is a tribute to craftsmanship, memorable flavour combinations, and quality.

Renowned owner and Head Chef

Allan is not only the owner but also the head chef and soul of Parsley Salon. The acclaimed master chef began his culinary career back in 1985 and has since left his mark on the famous restaurant scene in Copenhagen as we know it today. Schultz was involved in creating and shaping some of the biggest gastronomic institutions in the 1990s and 2000s, such as KONRAD, the absolute place-to-be in Copenhagen in the late '90s, and Café Victor, which is still going strong. He was also part of the gastronomic elite at THE DINING ROOM and La Cocotte, and notably as the owner of Restaurant Schultz under his own name (now Den Lille Fede), where classic craftsmanship combined with inspiration from his time in Los Angeles shone through.

Legends' Evening

Parsley Salon, open from Tuesday to Friday and on selected Saturdays, offers the opportunity to experience some of the country's best and most renowned top chefs in new surroundings when they gather the legends of the industry. The concept of 'Legends' Evening' was created by Allan Schultz, and he aims to bring together all those who have laid the foundation for Danish gastronomy, creating unforgettable dining experiences based on a shared love for classic culinary art.

Possibility of a spectacular and private evening

Private Dining means that the doors are closed to all other guests, and Parsley Salon becomes your private restaurant for a day or evening. In a beautiful and exclusive space, where the kitchen, bar, and restaurant blend seamlessly, right on Strandvejen in the beautiful Hellerup. In their Private Dining room, you can host an undisturbed gathering for up to 30 guests. If you are only four people seeking privacy but still wish to dine out, Parsley Salon is ideal for this purpose. The intimate and elegant atmosphere and the excellent acoustics make the room comfortable whether you are a larger or smaller party.

For your gathering, the room will be arranged and decorated according to your wishes. Skilled and competent chefs and waitstaff will be ready to receive you with exquisite food that naturally follows the season and your desires. They will also curate a perfectly matched wine menu according to your preferences and budget – or you can explore their extensive wine cellar.


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