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Come by Levi's, a place where Italian and Japanese cuisine merges into a higher power. Here you can experience fusion food made by an international star chef and drink wine served by some of the best sommeliers in the industry. Enjoy your dinner at the beautiful restaurant in the middle of Copenhagen.


Fusion experience

In March 2022, Levi opened on Ny Østergade in the inner city. Levi is an informal eatery in the heart of Copenhagen that serves a surprising gastronomic fusion of Italian and Japanese taste experiences. Here you can look forward to servings such as lobster sashimi and monkfish tempura or arch-classic combinations such as risotto with peas and Stracciatella or lamb breast with salsa verde. If you have difficulty choosing, you can try their omakase menu, which in Japanese means "up to you.”


Experienced people behind Levi

The Italian chef is Andrea Calducci. She has a past at the three-star restaurant The Fat Duck in London as well as a string of top restaurants in Europe and Asia. Together with founders Jesper Boelskifte (MASH, Le Sommelier, Umami) and Peter Trauboth (Alchemist and Geranium), Levi came to be. The menu consists of exquisite wines. You can look forward to tasting crisp white wines, sparkling bubbles and deep red wines from their large wine cellar.



The restaurant is named after the Italian grappa producer Romano Levi who created a universe where the product and packaging were completely unique. Restaurant Levi is inspired by this, and you can, therefore, look forward to a food universe where they put careful thought into both design and taste.

The restaurant is designed from top to bottom by the Danish designer Johannes Torpe (also a co-founder of Levi). Here there exists an atmosphere that embodies and unites ancient Italy with Japanese sophistication in a modern metropolis.


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