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Restaurant Ansvar // Scandic Spectrum

At Ansvar the key word is sustainability with a concentrated focus of a green organic kitchen, great room for innovation and creativity. 
We wish to give our guests a casual fine-dining-experience, personal warm hospitality and storytelling of our fine natural products. 
Our cuisine reflects our head chefs own food preferences and personal experiences with vegetarian and plant based creativity. We will serve a 5 course green oriented menu and a 3 course plant based menu with possibility for an adjusted beverage pairing. 

The Rooftop bar in Ansvar goes hand in hand with our values from our restaurant. Our bartenders will create new and innovating tasty cocktails. Here, the sky is the limit of thinking out of the box. 
Product-storytelling from our bartenders in a smooth lounge atmosphere and a new cocktail experience is what awaits you here in ANSVAR. it will be possible to get some nice petite bar servings as well.

We take responsibility for what we serve our guests – and we are proud of it. We want to tell stories about everything we do – why it is sustainable and where it comes from. We want to be transparent and honest about what product and ingredients we use – both in the bar and in the kitchen. It is important to us that our chefs are visible in the restaurant and get to tell stories to the guests. 
We want to create a sustainable gastronomic experience that the guests will remember and return to. 


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