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Feed Bistro probably has the most central address in Copenhagen, located at Vesterbrogade 1P, right between Rådhuspladsen (City Hall Square) and Tivoli Gardens. At this restaurant, you can sit down and experience the fantastic Feed atmosphere while enjoying a cosy dinner, great wines, and exciting cocktails.

Sydeuropean bistro with Nordic influences 

They engage in a passionate flirtation with Southern European bistro cooking, while also incorporating Nordic traditions and ingredients into their dishes. Their vision is to create a menu of flavorful dishes that cannot be found at other restaurants in the city. In the kitchen, they approach their task with immense dedication and love for the craft.

The menu is simple and easy to understand, with dishes made from the best and most flavorful ingredients based on the season. Guests can start with the "Skærebrættet" (The Cutting Board), consisting of four Feed classics, and then delve into a tender and juicy Bøf Wellington or one of the other delightful main courses. For those feeling adventurous, they can call for the "Trøffelministeren" (The Truffle Minister), who grates fresh truffles over the main course right at the table. Nothing less than extraordinary.

Behind Feed Bistro is a young restaurateur 

Feed Bistro is run and owned by Jacob Jørgsholm and his French-Canadian wife, Marie Soleil. After running a catering business for over three years, Jacob travelled to Australia and then to Canada for a year, working as a chef at various restaurants and gaining valuable experience and insights. His goal was to return to Denmark and open his restaurant, which became a reality in the summer of 2015 with Feed Bistro on Nørrebro. In 2021, Jacob teamed up with the people behind DiningSix and opened a new and larger Feed restaurant on Vesterbrogade. The intimate atmosphere from "Lille Feed" (Little Feed) has seamlessly transitioned to "Store Feed" (Big Feed).

In addition to running the restaurant, Jacob Jørgsholm has also created an entertaining YouTube channel. On the channel, you can follow Jacob as he invites well-known Danes into his TV kitchen, where they cook exciting dishes and engage in casual conversations.

The dedicated team

Besides Jacob and Marie Soleil is made up of passionate individuals who share a love for cooking. Guests can look forward to meeting the fantastic Anja, the manager and "Trøffelministeren," as well as Martin, the restaurant manager.

The delightful taste is not only to be found on the menu but also in the restaurant's interior. The space is decorated in rustic, earthy tones and luxurious materials, inviting guests to enjoy pleasant conversations over the table. While Jacob is in the kitchen, Marie Soleil is visible in the restaurant, ensuring sublime and attentive service that complements the overall atmosphere.


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