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Restaurant Surt & Sødt

Welcome to Restaurant Surt & Sødt. Here chef Martin Rommel and his team offer tasty food experiences based on Lolland's local ingredients. You will find Restaurant Surt & Sødt in Nakskov's Hotel Harmonien.


Creative chef with a love for the local community

Martin Rommel is the man in the kitchen and the owner of Restaurant Surt & Sødt. He is originally from Valby, but he has lived in Nakskov since 1991. It was love at first sight when Martin and his family first visited Lolland, and the love has lasted ever since. The reason why? "It’s nice here,” Martin says.

Everyone greets each other here, and the local environment is highly valued by the residents. As a chef and entrepreneur, Martin Rommel is full of good ideas and enjoys bringing them to life. Martin’s drive is impressive, and it has taken him far in life already. He has, for example, been a coach on the popular TV show Hell’s Kitchen.


Local ingredients

The ingredients are locally sourced and prepared right here in the kitchen with care and exuberant creativity. At Restaurant Surt & Surt, they are passionate about using local ingredients. They are plentiful on Lolland, and when the season is over, the excess vegetables are pickled or fermented. A sustainable way of thinking, which, on several levels, makes the food even better.


An affordable dining experience

Restaurant Surt & Sødt opened in the summer of 2020 at the local hotel, Harmonien.

“We saw some possibilities with the premises at Harmonien, and the idea is to cook something that isn’t the norm on Lolland. It gives me joy to offer something one isn’t used to” – Martin Rommel.

Martin Rommel is passionate about giving people an experience but believes it should be at a price level where everyone can participate. It is not fancy, but it is not gravy and potatoes either. At Surt & Sødt, you get a delicious and hearty meal that does not cost a fortune.


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