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Salon De Annam Vietnam in the heart of Copenhagen is a restaurant that serves authentic Vietnamese food, prepared with plenty of herbs and love. Here, you will experience the flavours of the Asian country not soon to be forgotten.

Hanoi in the midst of Copenhagen

Salon De Annam Vietnam is a timeless classic where you can indulge in delicious Vietnamese regional dishes. When the owners opened the restaurant, their goal was to provide their guests with a unique and unforgettable dining experience, which they truly achieve with their delightful selection of classic Vietnamese street food. The menu reflects traditional and innovative dishes, carefully prepared to perfection. Each dish they serve is authentic, flavourful, and delicious, transporting you mentally to the beautiful city of Hanoi in Vietnam.

Vietnamese regional dishes

One of the core values at Salon De Annam is to deliver an extraordinary dining experience to each guest. Here, you can enjoy everything from crispy spring rolls, pho chay, and pho bo to steaming hot noodle soups with chicken and plenty of spices. They also offer tropical desserts, such as sweet sticky rice with marinated pineapple and vanilla ice cream, and a delicious panna cotta with creamy coconut milk, lime, mango, lychee, and jackfruit. So whether you prefer sweet or savoury, spicy or mild, you will undoubtedly find something that suits your taste. It is all about indulging and filling the table with these culinary delights.

Authentic decor

The restaurant is decorated with cosy and authentic materials. Vietnamese art adorns the green and yellow walls, and the soft lighting from small hanging lamps creates a pleasant dining environment. Lush plants, Asian porcelain, and pastel-coloured plastic stools enhance the feeling that you have wandered down a little Vietnamese street.

Experienced duo

The passionate mind behind the restaurant is the experienced entrepreneur Zeqir Haziri from Kosovo. He also own the highly popular District Tonkin, which is also Vietnamese, and the renowned bakery chain, Buka Bakery. The two restaurateurs magically recreate the atmosphere, scents, and, most importantly, the flavours of Vietnam. Treating yourself to a meal at Salon De Annam Vietnam is truly a service you owe yourself, as you surely won't regret it.


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