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The Italian Restaurant MANGIA got a sister restaurant. It is called Circolo, and it is located on Gl. Kongevej, Frederiksberg. This Italian pearl serves fresh Pappardelle and other tasty meals from Toscana. 

The Toscany kitchen

Whereas MANGIA practice the arts of making pasta as Italians do it in the North, Circolo is inspired by the food as you know it in the south. More specifically, they are drawn to the food tradition of sunny Tuscany. However, pasta is of course to be found on the menu! Circolo serves the classic Tuscany pasta variant, Pappardelle. 

Fresh pasta, bistecca, and fish from the grill

Pasta is one of the most important foods in the Italian kitchen, which is also why it is always to be found on the menu. You can look forward to tasting the Pappardelle, which changes throughout the seasons. Pasta dishes with mussels, fresh tomatoes, and other shellfish are also something you can find on the menu. Finally, you can order the catch of the day with shellfish, vegetables, and bistecca, where everything is prepared on their very own barbecue.

Varied wine menu

The wine menu is always filled with tasty wines of very different characters. Some are classic whereas others are more modern. The menu is dynamic since new bottles and grapes will replace others. Every time you drop by, you always have the opportunity to try new, delicious wines. And you are more than welcome to ask the waiter for recommendations. The wine at Circolo is primarily Italian, but the big wine racks also have room for wine from other interesting regions and countries. 


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