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In Borgen Shopping in Sønderborg, you find a cosy cocktail bar and restaurant. Here, they serve delicious open sandwiches and fresh, innovative cocktails. 

Scrumptious open sandwiches

The chefs at Restaurant Karikatur in Sønderborg are experts at experimenting with traditional meals. The Danish distillery, Destilleriet Als, is behind Kariktur. They have created a place where you can drink unique cocktails and enjoy some good open sandwiches. It is also a place where you can participate in events such as vernissages and intimate concerts. 

An experience not soon to be forgotten

The two competent and experienced people behind Karikatur are Chris Franklin Gammelgaard Andersen and Frederik Frimodt-Larsen. Chris used to work at Baltic in Høruphavn and the bar chef, Frederik, has worked at the cocktail bar Struktur. Together, they won the national championship in open sandwiches back in 2019. The two creative and dedicated co-owners want to break with the prevailing kitchen norms. This is something you will experience as a guest and you will undoubtedly get a dining experience not soon to be forgotten. 

Appetising menu and reasonable prices

On the lunch menu, you can order a scrumptious open sandwich for 85 kr the piece. You can choose between open sandwiches with steak tatare shrimp or potato. In the evening, you can choose between a delicious 3 or 5-course meal. The seasonal produce dictates what is on the menu. On one of the menus, you can get mallard with Jerusalem artichoke, fried cabbage, apples, walnuts and duck and prune sauce. The 3 and 5-course menus cost 349 and 449 kr. Written beneath every course on the menu is a suggestion for a cocktail that suits the meal.

Interesting and unique cocktails 

Frederik, a man with a thousand cocktail ideas, has designed Karikatur’s delicious cocktail menu. Besides serving the traditional drinks, you know from other bars, they also offer original cocktails such as Apetoric, Apeloma, and Lemon Fellow. At Karikatur, they believe that the only limit is your imagination, which is why you are certain to be in for a treat.


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