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Vester Vedsted Vingård - Vingårdens Bord

When visiting Vester Vedsted Vingård, you will be able to enjoy nature up close. Here, it is peaceful and quiet, and it is best accompanied by a nice dinner and their own wines, beers and various spirits from their own production or lunch based almost exclusively on local, always organic produce. Moreover, they have a  tempting cake buffet which goes perfectly with a really good cup of locally roasted coffee.

Afterwards, you can go for a walk in the forest behind the restaurant by the vineyard or buy wine and other delicacies from their large selection of house beverages.

The head chef, Xavier Raymond Malletier

He is trained in traditional French haute cuisine from big restaurants in Paris. He has since applied his know-how in Copenhagen and Christiansfeld. Finally, he settled on Vingården, which is Danish for vineyard. Here, he has the space and resources to create marvellous meals from produce of the highest quality. They buy whole animals and fresh milk from the neighbour farmer. From these elements, they crea

The restaurant manager, Marie Louise Malletier

She is an autodidact foodie and she especially loves food that mainly consists of vegetables. Baked goods, mesmerising cakes, vegetarian meals and fermenting the fruits of nature are her big passions. 

Marie and Xavier is a duo, that cares deeply about their guests and wants them to feel welcome around the table. They strive to give their guests a wonderful culinary and mental experience.

Something about stories

The heart of the kitchen of Vester Vedsted Vingård is stories. The story of the lamb and the onion, the cake and hot cocoa, and the bee and the beef. Sustainability, ecology, and taste - all big words which remind us that quality in this field lies in respect for nature, animals, and humans. 
The kitchen has roots in traditional French gastronomy. They make as much as possible from scratch, combine different taste experiences and rediscover local herbs and cooking methods.


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