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In September 2021, a new bar and restaurant opened on Vesterbro. At Holly, you can get tasty food, delicious cocktails, and a festive atmosphere until late at night.

Sophisticated luxury bistro on Vesterbro

The bar and restaurant on Vesterbro, Holly, is a new and fancy madame on the Copenhagen restaurant scene. It opened in September 2021 and is located right next to the attractive and excentric street Vesterbrogade which is one of the most colourful and vibrant areas of Copenhagen. Other than being a place with a wonderful luxury bistro that serves simple, delicate dishes, it is also the place to go if you want a delicious cocktail and a festive atmosphere in the heart of Copenhagen. 

An experienced team 

The people behind Holly are Kristian Willusen and Jakob Blom. They used to run Konrad and Restaurant Olsen. In the kitchen, Alexander Beart, Xavier Fays, and Odalrich Grein are always cooking delicate, delicious food. The three French cooks have a shared past at Geranium. The trio is passionate about the good taste and quality of the produce they use for the meals. 

Holly is a worldly restaurant serving dishes with fresh, natural, and seasonal produce. Fish and vegetables are often to be found in the dishes on the menu. There is both an à la carte menu and ‘the five servings of the day’ where the kitchen staff decides what you get. The wine menu has a great selection. It has everything from big Bourgogne wines to organic, biodynamic, and natural wines. If you are on the lookout for a cocktail, there are a lot of tasty ones to choose from.

Copenhagen summer nights on the terrace

The big city feel of Holly emerges through the sound of bass and the big rooms with space for many guests. It especially is the case on summer nights when the charming rooftop terrace is open. Outside, there is space for 100 guests so it is, without doubt, a social, atmospheric place to eat and enjoy a drink. Holly is the perfect place for a summer evening. If you are looking for a restaurant that can host your next event, Holly might just be the perfect spot!


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