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Skipperhuset i Fredensborg

Restaurant Skipperhuset is housed in Sørup - or more precisely in the backyard of the Fredensborg Castle Garden – in a building with its very own distinctive charm and architecture. Here you will find views of the forest, nature, Esrum Lake, boat bridge and Chaluphus with a small harbour.


Atmosphere and mood are paramount

The restaurant is not far from Copenhagen. If you need relaxation and a break from the stresses of the big city life, then Restaurant Skipperhuset is the perfect place to pamper yourself and your loved ones.

At Skipperhuset, you can enjoy superb food in peaceful surroundings in the old listed building. If you decide to visit during the summer months, there is ample opportunity to enjoy the food, nature, and tranquillity out by the water's edge of one of the most beautiful lakes in Denmark.


Food, Wine and Hospitality

At Restaurant Skipperhuset, you will dine on gastronomy consisting of good local ingredients and classic techniques that together ensure an inspiring dining experience. For lunch, Restaurant Skipperhuset offers contemporary open sandwiches.

Here, they make everything from scratch and base it all on good ingredients. To rinse down your food with, Skipperhuset offers cold draft beers, local schnapps and an ambitious wine list consisting of natural wine and classics.

In the evening, they slow things down a notch so you can enjoy a luxurious dining experience overlooking the sunset over the lake. The menu consists of mixed snacks and simple dishes. French bistro cuisine is the mainstay of the gastronomic approach - with input from both Nordic and Italian cuisine.


Historic boathouse

Skipperhuset can be dated back to 1757 when Frederik V established the Chaluph House and Skipperhuset as it still stands today. Fredensborg Castle was built as a hunting castle for Frederik IV and is now often used for events in the Royal Family.

The Queen and Royal Family use the castle in the spring and autumn, so the tours are held in July. Fredensborg Castle is one of the places that the Queen actually spends most of her time. Esrum lake is Denmark's cleanest and most water-rich lake, where they have both kayak rental and trips in the large boats from the house's neighbour, Bådfarten.


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