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You can find Sebastopol on Sankt Hans Torv, right in the middle of Nørrebro. Sebastopol is a well-visited restaurant. Since 1994, the restaurant has devoted itself to French cuisine and serves tasty bistro dishes to hungry guests.


A little bit of Paris in the heart of Copenhagen

At Sebastopol in Nørrebro, it feels like being served a small taste of Paris. The cozy Sankt Hans Torv is transformed into the charming cafés and restaurants of the French metropolis, where people sit outside and enjoy good food. Come and sit down in their comfy chairs and enjoy the many impressions and the wonderful atmosphere that surrounds Sebastopol.


An authentic French dining experience

Since Sebastopol opened its doors in 1994, French food and wine have always been at the center. The food itself is authentically French and specializes in bistro cuisine. On the menu you will find classics such as oysters, foie gras, moules frites, steak sauce bearnaise, Salade Niçoise and stirred tartar.


Food according to the season

The rotation of the seasons is essential at Sebastopol, and therefore the menu also changes in accordance. When asparagus season is blooming, the restaurant has a whole menu dedicated to delicious dining that is also very popular in France. However, once the season is over, you will no longer find any asparagus on the menu. In that way, they stay true to the season’s ingredients.


Their very own import of wine

Wine is an important part of the French dining experience, which is why you will also find an impressive wine list at Sebastopol. The restaurant itself imports most of the available wines to ensure that the wine and food match perfectly.

If you are still in doubt, do not hesitate to ask your waiter for advice on which grapes work best for your dishes. They are happy to help with advice and guidance to find the right one.


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